Welcome to New England Savannahs....
New England
  New England Savannah’s is an in-home cattery in Massachusetts. We take great pride and dedication in producing top of the line F5"SBT" and F6"SBT" pet/show/breeder Savannah cats, with the occasional F5"A" and F6"A" (pet only) Savannah cats. New England Savannah's is a TICA (The International Cat Association) registered cattery along with all of our cats and kittens.
  SBT (Stud Book Traditional) Savannah cats are the only Savannah cat registered with TICA that can be shown in a championship class and is recognized by TICA as a pure Savannah cat.
  Our main focus here at New England Savannah's is to produce healthy, well socialized, beautifully spotted Savannah kittens. All kittens will come up to date with all vaccinations, a health certificate, carrying crate and will be litter box trained upon arrival.